"Motherhood now" Kampagne

Katharina de Silva
Motherhood now

Idee und Umsetzung einer international angelegten Social Media Kampagne für Motherletter mit dem Ziel, den Alltag von Mütter während der Pandemie zu dokumentieren.

Zum Projekt

Motherhood now // Takeover-Series at Motherletter: Mothers around the world show their families‘ lives during Covid-19.

Daycare is closed, playgrounds and schools are reopening only slowly. Many parents work from home and have to reconcile family, work, homeschooling and their children‘s needs - an almost impossible undertaking and an unforeseen challenge especially for mothers.
In April and May our takeover-series „motherhood now“ features 15 women. We’re looking forward to getting their insightful takes on their home countries and what it’s like to live and parent there. Uniting them is the struggle to keep their lives as smooth as possible in times of Covid-19. Pics and (live-)videos give us glimpses of their everyday life amidst quarantine, homeschooling and face masks and reveal the struggles that come with the covid-era - in Germany, Austria, the USA, Australia, Dubai, Finland and Portugal ... Round 2 of our series starts May 18. Don‘t miss out!